Kairos is a church in the making, and has
been for about three years.
We're a collection of people... from different cultural and religious backgrounds who believe life is too short to live without true joy! And we believe that experiencing Jesus within the context of life-giving relationships is the pathway to healing, wholeness, fruitfulness, and joy.

We're led by people... who have been knocked around by life but have found God's grace to be more than enough. You care about leadership when considering a church. Healthy things have healthy leaders, not perfect ones.
Steve Gervasi
Pastor and Elder - Vision, Leader Oversight, Teaching
Steve and Patti have been married and helping people find Jesus together for 38 years. Their greatest joy is to see their kids and grand children grow in their faith. Patti is a school teacher and Steve has served the local church in numerous roles since a life-changing encounter with Jesus at age 15.
David Achata
Pastor and Elder - Leadership Development, Teaching
David has served as a pastor and church planter for over 20 years. He and his wife Amy have been married for 18 years and have two amazing kids, Ana and Isaac. They have served in many places across the U.S. but have recently returned to David's home in East Tennessee. David loves serving people and works in the corporate world as a leadership coach and consultant.
Noelle Schwantes
Prayer Care Coordinator
Shannon Burger
Hospitality Coordinator
Patti Gervasi
Children's Coordinator
Worship Team
Sunday Gathering
Our Affiliations
We partner together across denominational lines with many wonderful people and organizations. We dream of seeing the churches in our community come together in complete unity. The goal is to help every man, woman, and child in our community find their way to true joy by experiencing the reality of Jesus love and power.
    Our Beliefs
    The gospel is the good news that God himself has come in the person of Jesus Christ to rescue and restore all of creation but especially you. That simple message, when believed, is the power of God to rescue and restore all of life—your past, future, and your present. The gospel is the answer to every problem, every need, every day, in all of life. Click here for a statement of our beliefs.
    Our Mantra
    Enjoy Jesus. Trust Jesus. Join Jesus. We learn to enjoy Jesus and all that he has done and continues to do for us. We learn to trust Jesus for everything we face in this life. And finally, we learn to join Jesus on his mission to restore the world to its original beauty. Enjoying, trusting, and joining Jesus within the context of loyal, life-giving relationships leads to fullness of joy!